As members of Local 37 you are entitled to, and we strongly encourage all members to take advantage of all training offered in order to enhance your skills and earning opportunities. The only requirement we make on class scheduling is that we must have a minimum of ten (10) members in each class and that you dress appropriately while attending. Classroom work requires business casual; however, if your training requires field training, regular work clothes and boots are required.

Please remember, it is your responsibility to make sure all of your licenses and certifications are up to date and current.

Certifications & Recertifications

All classes are held at the Apprentice Training School and start at 8am.

IUOE Local 37 Training Site
5021 North Point Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21219

Phone: (443) 242-6280
Fax: (443) 242-6283

Contact Stacey
(443) 242-6280

Training Classes

CCO Certification

For those that are interested in acquiring their CCO certification or need to re-certify.

View more information on acquiring CCO certification

Helmets to Hardhats

The Helmets to Hardhats programs contacts National Guard Reserve and former military personnel with quality career training and employment opportunities within the construction industry. Candidates can access information about careers and apprenticeships via the internet from anywhere in the world. The profile they complete helps communicate to hiring managers the transferable skills they acquired during their military service.

Our signatory Employers can also take advantage of the program. After establishing an account, employers can search and identify highly qualified veterans in the programs database.

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