About Us

Welcome to the official site of, International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 37. Local 37 was established on May 16, 1900.

Local 37 is a mid-sized mixed local union representing 1500 members. Mixed local means we represent both Operating Engineers working as heavy equipment operators, mechanic, and welders in the construction industry, and stationary engineers working inside buildings performing all types of facility maintenance. We also have members working in equipment rental houses, shops, and quarries.

Our mission is to provide a decent living wage, comprehensive health care, pensions and annuities for our members. We also have a training facility with up to date technology for all who wish to enhance their skill levels or for those who want to learn how to operate a new piece of equipment. All of our instructors are certified and are more than willing to help you with any of you training needs.

Our geographical jurisdiction includes all of Maryland, with the exception of Charles County, St. Mary’s County, Prince Georges County, and Montgomery County.

Meet Our Officers

All of our officers are elected by the membership.  All are long standing member of Local 37.

Robert Holsey, Jr.
Robert Holsey, Jr.Business Manager & Financial Secretary
IUOE Local 37 Business Manager / Financial Secretary
IUOE Local 37 Chairman of the Board of Trustees
IUOE Local 37 Graduate Apprentice and 44-year member.
Board Member of: MOSH Advisory Board / Baltimore County Work Force Development Board
Mark McQuay
Mark McQuayPresident - Business Representative
1991 – 1994 Apprenticeship program
1991 – 1996 Worked for Cherry Hill Construction
2009 Appointed to Executive Board
2011 Appointed to Corresponding Secretary
2021 Appointed Fund Trustee
2021 Appointed President
Thomas Boschi
Thomas BoschiVice President
Transferred from Local 77 in 2001. Served as Auditor and Trustee prior to Vice President in 2021. Master Mechanic/Mechanic for twenty plus years.
Daniel Humbertson
Daniel HumbertsonTreasurer
Business Representative since 2020. Also serve as Treasurer and executive board member. Became a member of Local 37 in 1996, worked as an operator for twenty four years.
Michael Funk
Michael FunkRecording Secretary
Training School Director since 2018 and night class instructor. Serving as Recording Corresponding Secretary for the 2022-2025 term. Joined local 37 in 2001 and graduated from the apprenticeship program. He worked as an operator for 18 years before becoming the Training Director and Instructor for the Apprenticeship Program.

Executive Board

Steve Rohrman
James Nunley, Jr.
Phillip Grothe
Michael McKew
Robert Pucci
Thomas I. Judge


Vasilis Peros
Stephen VanBoesschoten
Thomas Costanzi


Walter Wagner
Bruce Clark
Raymond Keil


Michael Wines


Jason Lewis