Robert A. Holsey, Jr.
Business Manager and Financial Secretary

Charles E. McGee, Jr.
President and Training Director

Peter A. Elmos
Vice President and Business Representative

Mark F. McQuay
Recording Secretary and Business Representative

Richard A. Fuller, Sr.
Treasurer and Business Representative

Executive Board
Robert A. Holsey, Jr.
Charles E. McGee, Jr.
Peter A. Elmos
Mark F. McQuay
Richard A. Fuller, Sr.
Steve J. Rohrman
Thomas M. Boschi
James E. Nunley, Jr
Teresa M. Owens
Anthony J. Crandall
Phillip E. Grothe

Charles Coleman, Jr.
Kevin L. Randall
Michael C. Wines

Thomas I. Judge
Robert J. Pucci
Michael V. McKew

Michael B. Funk

Jason R. Lewis

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently released their long awaited proposed rule to expand apprenticeship programs in the U.S. through an Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program (IRAP). The regulation creates a parallel track of apprenticeship that no longer has to go through the process of registering and maintaining accountability to the Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship or a State Apprenticeship Council. The current proposal excludes construction, and does not allow the parallel system to exist in the sector. But we need to make sure the exclusion stays in place in the final version of the rule.

It’s time to make our voices heard and stop the assault on our training.
Send an email right now to the Department of Labor:
Tell them to protect IUOE apprenticeships.
If you would like to submit comments as a friend or family member of an IUOE member, please visit the website 


Member’s Corner a place to share your old stories with your Brother’s and Sister’s.  If you would like to share a story, contact the hall.


George Comer, Jr – George is a 50+ year member of our local.  He has shared a few stories from his years in the local.  Click to read his stories.
G.Comer Stories 


John Simon & Friend

This is an Old Northwest Model 25 Shovel. The Shovel was sitting in downtown Washington, DC for years. It has CAT engine with a pony motor. The pony motor was locked up. I converted it to electric start. The shovel has been restored and is currently in a museum.

Clarence Boston & Slick McGee

I was a charter member of the Baltimore Washington Chapter of the Historical Construction Equipment Association (HCEA).  They hold sandbox shows all over the USA.  This show was held off Earls Road back in the 1990’s.

CCO Practice

Tom Leopold’s son Tommy practicing for the COC test.  The crane is a t43.  I restored it and Gene Anderson painted it.  It has a clambucket on it.

Crane Lesson

Zac Comer getting a crane lesson on the 143 from his grandpop.  We took the 143 to sandox shows in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Stacking 50 ton slabs

Brian Williams stacking 50 ton slabs with CJW’s Lima 2400

King of the Road

Shelby GT500KR. Car was bought in Springfield, Illinois. I drove the care home in a snow storm.  I did repairs and brought back to stock.

Bought in 1983 – $16,000
Sold in 2006- $170,000
Sold new in 1968- $5,800